Three Columns

Made with plants

All natural all the time. Like you, our ingredients come from the earth. No harmful parabens or aluminum here. Just powerful, good-for-you botanicals like arrowroot, shea butter, and castor bean. We help build healthy body biomes, not destroy them.

100% Plastic Free

Our patented PEEL Technology canister is completely biodegradable. Toss your tabs and empty canister in your compost pile without a second thought. Leave them in your garden and grow your veggies guilt-free. No matter where it ends up, our empty packaging disappears without a trace.

Made For The Sport of Living

Sweat is a good and healthy thing. The stink shows up when it mixes with bacteria on our skin like staphylococcus hominis. Grown in nature but formulated in a laboratory for endurance, our deodorant takes on the foul-smelling bacteria with a variety of potent, antibacterial ingredients like castor bean and shea butter, absorbs your excess moisture with arrowroot, and then traps any remaining odor molecules with zinc ricinoleate. Put us in your pits and feel the freedom of all-natural performance.